A Flappy Bird clone starring FEZ


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FlappyFish is a simple arcade game inspired by Flappy Bird. In this game, you need to try to get as far as possible while passing between the different blocks scattered over each level.

Unlike in the original Flappy Bird, in FlappyFish the blocks sometimes move or have different openings. Luckily, you won't just have a button for flying, but also one for pecking. That makes it easier to control your character.

The best part about FlappyFish, aside from its addictive gameplay, is its awesome graphics. And you may notice that the game uses many of the same elements as Phil Fish's brilliant game Fez.

FlappyFish is another Flappy Bird clone that came into being thanks to Flappy Jam, an independent video game festival in which many developers have created games to pay homage to Dong Nguyen's flappy sensation.
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